xBoard v2.0 - Online Documentation

Easy to Use learning and development tool for Atmel AVR family of MCUs

Running The Preloaded Demo.

The development board comes with a preloaded demo that lets you check the functioning of various parts like the LCD, Remote, LED, Motors, Analog to digital converter.

What is a microcontroller?

Introduction to microcontrollers for those who are very new to them. How they can help you create things. And how you can get stared with them.

Development Process

Overview of the development process followed in the creation of embedded projects.

Know your xBoard

Get introduced to the development board, this article will give you details about the various parts of the development board.

Programming the Board

How to transfer a program from your PC to microcontroller of the development board using USB interface.

Receiving Input

Describes how to configure a pin for input mode and read digital data available physically on the pin. We will connect a push button on the input pin so when it is pressed it will make the pin LOW.

Alphanumeric LCD Module Interface

How to interface and work with Alphanumeric LCD Modules with your AVR Development Board

Pages in this article

  1. Introduction to Alphanumeric LCD Modules
  2. Pin Configuration of LCD Module
  3. LCD Module Connection with xBoard
  4. Setting up Atmel Studio 6
  5. Adding LCD Library file to AS6 Project
  6. Demo Program for LCD
  7. LCD Library Function Documentation
  8. Displaying Custom Characters on LCD Module

IR Remote Interfacing

Learn how to receive data from a commercially available IR remote control unit and decode the data to get key press information using your AVR Development Board.